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Whether you’re just starting on Usenet or a pro at navigating through newsgroups, we’re here to help if you ever get stuck, need direction or have a question about any of our services.
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nu servers in the us and eu

Use your nusenet username and password to either of these servers and experience the nu way to usenet.

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newsgroup access provider member access


Ports: 563 or 443 for SSL (TLS 1.0+). | 564 for old SSL clients (SSLv2). | 119, 23, or 80 without SSL enabled *.
newsgroup access provider member access


Ports: 563 or 443 for SSL (TLS 1.0+). | 564 for old SSL clients (SSLv2). | 119, 23, or 80 without SSL enabled *.
nu newsreader compatibility

nu works well on the below list of newsreaders running on Windows, Linux, Apple iOS and both Android and iPhone mobile devices

Most Popular Questions

What is it you do at nu?

At nusenet, we aim to provide the best usenet experience you’ve had with 50 super fast, simultaneous, highly encrypted connections to either our US or EU server farms, each containing years worth of binary retention and 99.9% completion.

Within thirty days, if you find that our friendly, knowledgeable support team don’t offer the help you want and/or you’re not too keen on our nu approach, or any of our services, we’ll give you 100% of your money back, guaranteed.

What kind of support do nu offer?

Our nusenet team use real-time email  nearly around the clock to support our clients within a timely manner. There may be times that we’ll get flooded with requests at the same time, which might mean our support team takes slightly more time to get back to you/

Be assured nu will do our very best to provide a solution and your satisfaction.

What kind of payment methods do nu accept?

We currently accept Visa & Mastercard Credit Cards, Paypal or Cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

What kind of privacy and security do nu provide?

Our military-grade 256-BIT SSL connections protect your privacy by encrypting the data while exploring Usenet newsgroups, preventing an ill-intended third party from stealing and/or tampering with the data in transit.

What kind of ports do nu support?

You can use any of these nu supported ports

  • 563 or 443 for SSL (TLS 1.0+).
  • 564 for old SSL clients (SSLv2).
  • 119, 23, or 80 without SSL enabled

what kind of things do nu share?

We appreciate that you’ve trusted us with certain personal data we need to provide our services, like your email and certain account details. We truly value that, thoroughly protect that data, and would never share it.

What kind of speeds do nu do?

As much as we’d like to provide hard numbers, there are too many factors that play into it. Where you are, what kind of connection you have, what is else is feeding off it and how far off you’re from one of our either United States or European server farms.

What we can say for certain is that we never throttle speeds of any of 50 simultaneous connections you get to either of our nu server farms, where each provide 10-Gigabit uplinks.

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nusenet usenet core features
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Reliable Retention

We have a ton of binary retention which means that if it's on Usenet, you can access with it nusenet
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Powerful Protection

Protected by military grade SSL encrypted connections that shield your Usenet activity so no one can see what you’re doing.
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Sonic Speeds

Get supercharged access by connecting to either our US or European ultra-fast Usenet servers
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Supportive Solutions

The nusenet team are readily available to help whenever you get stuck and do their best to get you going again.
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Capable & Compatible

nusenet services work with most newsreaders on all platforms, including your favorite.
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Completely Committed

We're proud to offer a 100% newsgroup completion rate from the multiple copies of articles our nusenet members have full speed access to.
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If nu is not for you

Our policy is that if you're not satisfied with our nusenet services within the first 30 days, you can get a full refund.

No hurdles to hop through with nu

We want to make it a simple process. You can simply press the "Request Cancellation" of any membership plan in your dashboard to cancel at any time.

Nu works with you

We'll contact you back with either a solution to a situation, provide a full refund or offer credit that can be used for future nu orders.